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Gears Turning on a New Project!

12/26/12 by emdragongirl
Updated 1/1/13

So I'm working on a new animation inspired by "Radioactive", by Imagine Dragons.
Due to copyright issues, I'll probably have to find a new song for it, but I believe it's going to end up as an apocalyptic music video about a robot who pieces himself back together.
So far, it's really cool!!! I'm trying to stay motivated so i can actually finish it...*cough* erm...
BUT, hopefully it's awesomeness will make it easy to work on!
Hope you are enjoying your holidays, Newgrounds users! And if you know of any good, copyright-free, apocalyptic songs, comment and let me know! (It would be awesome to use something from a Newgrounds artist!)


*Edit: Songs no longer needed, but they'd still be cool to hear! I'm trying the "retrospective music box" vibe, I think that'll help to portray the apocalypse feel and the remembrance of the past.

Gears Turning on a New Project!


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